How To Choose The Right Breast Pump For Moms

Are you a new mom to breastfeeding? Do you plan to breastfeed your little one and want to continue while at work or away?  Then you will need a breast pump. Choosing the right breast pump  for any mom can be overwhelming and pricey if you want to select a good one. I did research online before I chose the right one for me. I  listed it in my baby registry and got it as a gift.  What a great way to save money. 🙂  Below I’ve listed 3 different types of breast pumps on the market.  This will give you an idea of how to choose the right breast pump for your needs. 

Manual Breast Pumps

A manual breast pump is one that you operate by hand. They are small, inexpensive and are easy to store away.  It works well for short term use or just for occasional pumping. For Moms that are going to be pumping often or pumping large amounts of breast milk this pump will be tiring and time consuming. I wouldn’t recommend it for you. This pump would probably be best to just use for engorgement and give you temporary  relief before you can breastfeed your baby.


Battery Operated Breast Pumps

Having a battery operated breast pump is also a good option. It has a rechargeable lithium battery. It’s another option to use if you don’t want to use the manual one. The only thing is  you have to make sure the battery is charged if you are going out. The battery pack will last a few hours, maybe 1  -3 hrs. It’s rechargeable so make sure you bring the charger along with you. Also, if you don’t use the pump for a while you will need to fully charge it before use. 

 Electric Breast Pumps

If you need to pump often and every day.  I would recommend an electric breast pump. It’s stronger and  more powerful. This pump will maintain and increase your milk supply. Some come with adjustable pumping and vacuum speeds. These are more expensive, larger and require a power source in order for it to work.

The breast pump I used and recommend is the Medela pump in style Advanced breast pump with on-the-go Tote. I loved it! It has dual pumping.  The pumping speed and vacuum speed was easily adjustable.  I  pumped 2 bottles of milk within 10 minutes. The tote also came in handy. You can easily take it along with you. Included in the tote is  a removable cooler bag with an ice pack to hold at least 4 breast milk bottles. No need to carry an extra bag because everything is in this tote (well you have to carry a diaper bag too) Medela is also one of the popular brand in breast pumps. 


I Hope this is  informational and gives you a better idea of the different types of breast pumps available in the market. Happy Hunting and Shopping! 🙂 

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