Breastfeeding Essentials For New Moms


Are you a first time mom and your plan is to breastfeed and stick to it? Have you heard stories of other women giving up because it wasn’t what they expected it to be? What are the breastfeeding essentials for new moms?   I have 6 essentials listed below that I couldn’t have survived without.  When my oldest daughter was born my goal was to breastfeed and stick to it the first year at least.  I read about all the benefits of breastfeeding and knew it was what I needed to do to give my baby all the nutrients from breast milk.    I didn’t know is what I needed to prepare myself for breastfeeding.

For some moms it may seem like breastfeeding will come naturally. That is what I thought. It was tough in the beginning but I got through it. Luckily, there are products out there that will help you become successful and stick with breastfeeding. Here are some of the breastfeeding essentials that I recommend for new moms.


Breastfeeding essentials for new moms

I used the Boppy Nursing Pillow and positioner.  This pillow really helped a lot in supporting  my daughter while breastfeeding.

The pillow sits on your lap and props the baby up to reach your nipple. This is an essential for every new breastfeeding mom. When we went out of town I took it with me. I don’t think I could’ve breastfed if I didn’t have this pillow. It has a good amount of thickness to support your baby and it’s comfortable for them.


    breastfeeding essentials for new momsbreastfeeding essentials for new moms

A good nursing bra is an essential that a new breastfeeding mom will need. It will make breastfeeding much easier. Since you are going to be feeding your new baby often, a nursing bra gives you easy access.  The nursing bras have clips on each side and all you do is unclip it when you’re ready to breastfeed instead of taking off the whole bra. There are different kinds of nursing bras on the market. The one I liked and used is Motherhood Maternity Women’s maternity clip down nursing sports bra. This bra is lightly lined and provides full coverage. It’s a wireless bra. It can be used for exercising or everyday wear.  Another bra I loved from Motherhood maternity is the Women’s wrap front nursing sleep bra.  I wore this to sleep and it’s so comfortable and light. It also provides easy access for those middle of the night feedings with your little one.


breastfeeding essentials for new moms

When I started breastfeeding I use to leak milk and my nursing bras would get soaked and so did my shirt.  I didn’t know about nursing pads. I think I discovered nursing pads when I was in the baby section at target. The one I used  was the  Lansinoh Nursing Pads. They are disposable breast pads.  These kept me dry when I missed my daughters’ feeding, it really does absorb liquid and doesn’t soak through your shirt. The nursing pads have a quilted honeycomb lining and a unique breathable waterproof layer for leak proof protection. It has a contoured shape that conforms to the breast and is also comfortable when wet.  If you do leak into the nursing pad you won’t feel the wetness, that’s why I love these pads. They have adhesive strips on the back of the pads and you can place them in your nursing bra. They are good to wear all day  just in case you have an accident.



breastfeeding essentials for new moms

This cream saved my life.  My breasts were sore, dry and cracked nipples that started to bleed the first week of breastfeeding, (sorry TMI.)  🤦‍♀️ This is one of the reasons why moms stop breastfeeding.  I went in to see a lactation nurse because I didn’t know if I was breastfeeding correctly. I was in fact doing it correctly. This happens when you initially start breastfeeding.

She recommended using nipple cream. The one I used is Lansinoh Hpa Lanolin for breastfeeding mothers. It’s a lanolin that is completely safe for mom and baby. It soothes, heals and protects sore cracked nipples.  Using a little goes a long way. No need to wash it off before breastfeeding. I applied this after breastfeeding and after taking a shower.  This an item to put in your baby registry. Or get it before your baby is born because you will definitely need it. If it wasn’t for this cream I don’t think I would’ve continued breastfeeding. A day later I was relieved that this cream actually worked. I continued to breastfeed and had no problems. The soreness and dryness went away and didn’t have to continue using the cream.


breastfeeding essentials for new moms      breastfeeding essentials for new moms

A breast pump will maintain and increase milk supply. If you’re planning on going back to work or want your husband involved in the feedings, I would recommend investing in a breast pump or list it in your baby registry like me. I got mine as a gift. They are pricey. Do you know how to choose the right breastpump for moms? The breast pump will help  relieve your breasts if they become engorged.  Engorgement is when your breasts are filled with milk and causes your breasts to feel full and hard. You will know that it’s time for babys feeding. Be aware that you may spray baby with your milk.

You can pump a couple weeks before going back to work and store your breast milk in storage bags such as Lansinoh Breast milk storage bags.  These bags are ideal for storing and freezing breast milk.  These bags came in handy to store away my breast milk in the freezer. If I was out doing errands my husband can just go to the freezer and take out a couple bags to defrost.

The breast pump I used was the Medela pump in style Advanced breast pump with on the go tote. It comes with a tote and a small bag to store bottles of breast milk. People won’t know you’re carrying a breast pump.


These are Breastfeeding Essentials for new moms. If you enjoyed this blog post, share it with a friend!  I hope this information was helpful.😊


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