Benefits of Breastfeeding

Have you heard “Breast is Best”? Are you a first time mom or already a mom and want to breastfeed? Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby. It is also good for your health and your babies health as well. It’s not always easy. I breastfed my oldest daughter until she turned 1 years old. Medical experts recommend to breastfeed for at least 1 year. Some mothers go longer than recommended. If you’re producing a lot of breast milk, why not? I had no problem producing breast milk. I had more than enough to pump and freeze.  After about 1 month of breastfeeding, I started pumping and storing the milk in bottles so that my husband can bottle feed our daughter.  It is also important for daddies to bond and join in the feedings.


What are the Benefits of Breastfeeding?

In the first days after giving birth your breasts produce “premilk” called colostrum. This has benefits for your baby. It has proteins and antibodies which fight off infections and viruses. This is important for your baby to have. It will be a little bit, but it’s enough to fill your baby’s tummy.  After your baby is born and bundled up, the nurses will come and latch your baby to your nipple, with skin to skin contact.  I was happy that I didn’t have this problem with my daughter. She actually latched on right away. The nurses were surprised too. I guess they don’t see that often. 😊

After a couple of weeks of feeding, colostrum turns into milk which will still provide immunity. Breast milk is also easily digested than infant formula.  It causes less stomach upset, diarrhea, and constipation than formula. I don’t ever remember my daughter being constipated so breast milk really did help.  Breastfeeding will also lower your baby’s risk of allergies or asthma. 

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mommy

Not only does breastfeeding benefit the baby, there are also benefits for mommy too. One of the reasons why I wanted to breastfeed was to lose the extra pregnancy weight. I was sold to breastfeeding after hearing that milk production burns calories. You can burn up to 300- 500 calories, that’s a lot!  Nursing moms have an easier time losing weight in a healthy way, slowly without dieting. Moms out there if you want to lose pregnancy weight, breastfeeding is the way to go!👍 I eventually started exercising again after my doctor gave the okay.

It also helps get your uterus back to pre-pregnancy size. Breastfeeding may also lower your risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Another benefit to breastfeeding is you don’t have to buy formula, sterilize bottles or nipples, warm bottles, and it saves you time and money. Breastfeeding is free. We were able to save money and use that money towards buying diapers and wipes.  It also gives you time to relax with your baby and bond. I enjoyed those times when I breastfed my daughter. We cuddled, looked at each other’s face, talked to each other, even though she made baby noises. That is one of the joys of motherhood.  Enjoy every moment with your baby! It does go by fast.

Me with my twins and my oldest daughter. My twins are 2 yrs old in this picture and my oldest was 5. Oh how I miss them this little.





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