Comments You Will Hear As A Mom Of Twins

Comments You Will Hear As A Mom Of Twins


Are you a mom of twins or expecting twins?  When you’re a mom of twins you will hear comments  from strangers, family members, and friends.

When my twins were infants I use to take them out in public by myself while my hubby was at work.  As I’m walking in the mall  pushing my double stroller and holding my toddlers hand, I get a lot of stares from people or I can hear comments like “Awe look twins” or people stopping you to get a look in the stroller.  You get a lot of attention when people see a double infant stroller. Here are some comments you will hear as a mom of twins:

My twins crawling all over the place. ❤

“You’re so lucky I wish I had twins”

Yes, you will hear this from other women. Let me tell you, it’s double the work and it’s not easy.

 When you hear this just think of it as a reminder to be grateful for the “double blessing” that you have.

For me having twins was hard and I’m sure other moms with multiples will say the same thing.  It gets easier as they get older. Now that they are growing up I see the closeness and bond that my twins have together. Our twins are so caring and loving. So yes we are lucky!


“You have your hands full” (with a little laugh)

Ummm okkkayy!  I have twins and a toddler, so yes my hands are full! It’s just funny how people just say the most randomness things to you. Don’t take it personal when people say that to you.  I just laugh it off.


“Do twins run in your family?”

A stranger asked me this question. I thought it was a personal question to ask. If you get asked this question; you don’t have to tell them because it’s personal.  Basically they’re asking if you used fertility drugs or if it was natural that you got  twins.


“I don’t know how you do it”

I don’t know how I do it either. I just do it.  Think of it as our motherly instincts  kicking in. Consider yourself superwoman.

Take it as a compliment.


“Are they twins?”

This is the # 1 question I get asked a lot. I can understand why people would ask me this question. My twins are fraternal so they don’t look alike. One twin is about an inch taller than her sister but they both look the same age.

Just kindly answer “yes they are twins” 😊


Do you have twins? What comments have you heard from people?

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