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MLS Laundry System – The Green, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Money Saving, Patented & Proven Laundry Detergent Alternative. Replaces Chemical Liquid & Powder HE Soap, and May Help Allergies and MCS.   I use this MLS and I absolutely love it, no more detergent to buy  just stick the two MLS in the washer and let it do its magic.  You can now skip the rinse cycle too since there’s no more soap to rinse.  The clothes come out clean. It’s great to use if you have skin conditions like eczema because no detergent is being used just water and the magnets. Try it for yourself. For more information please CLICK HERE.


This is what i got for my back up use, it’s fast, secure, and very portable and its packed with the latest technology. For more information click on the ad or CLICK HERE.

I got this instant pot and oh my goodness talk about set it and forget it.  it works wonderfully with 7-in-1.  For more information please click on the ad or CLICK HERE

Stir-frying is a healthy option compared to cooking with heavy sauces or frying in oil for extra calories. You can actually use any pan to stir-fry meats and veggies. But a wok ensures that your food is cooked evenly and fast. It’s also easier to move the food around while it’s cooking in a wok.  The taste is also much better!  We bought one and my husband loves it. CLICK HERE for more info.

Looking for a weekend back pack? This is a great back pack for the minimalist and everyone else too. My husband got this exact one and he uses for our weekend get aways and perfect for every day use and school. For more information please click on the ad above or CLICK HERE.

Looking for a great iron? Check out this steam Iron with retractable cord, electronic temperature controls, titanium infused ceramic soleplate and over 400 steam holes, professional grade! Yes this is what I use for ironing our clothes. For more details on this product please CLICK HERE or the ad above.

Perfect Keto Flu Electrolyte Supplement: Electrolytes Capsules for Low Carb Diet or Ketogenic Diet to Balance Mind & Body. Energy Supplements, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium. I’ve been on the keto diet for over 1 year. I take these supplements and it’s been working great for me. Before I started taking this I use to get headaches and cramps on my legs and toes. After a couple days of taking this  no more cramps or headaches. I definitely feel a difference after taking these. I recommend this if you are on the keto diet. For more information CLICK HERE

I love this product it has helped with my husbands  back pain.  I also have plantar fasciitis and I use this to roll on my calfs and it has helped a lot. It’s also good to use after working out to roll out your muscles.   For more detail on this product please CLICK HERE or the ad above.


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