Time Management Tips For Moms

Is your family’s schedule out of control? Are you a busy working  mom or stay at home mom? Do you need to manage your time? It can be stressful and overwhelming managing the household and have little ones or even just one little one or twins like me. There are days when I feel overwhelmed with chores, laundry, dishes, homework, and the list goes on.  I feel the way you are feeling. Read these 8 time management tips for moms, that you can apply.

1. Be Organized

Being organized can eliminate stress. From lost keys, lost homework, forgotten appointments and the list goes on. When I say Be Organized what does that mean? Being organized are simple things. Like making a list and writing  down what needs to be done during the week, such as grocery list, errands, Dr appointments, bills to pay etc.  I usually put it in my calendar on my phone and make sure I set the alerts or write it down on paper and stick it somewhere where I can see it.

Organize your schedule and handle what you can do, it’s ok to say “no”.  If you planned your day out and at the last minute another parent wants to set up a play date it’s ok to say “no”. Just plan for another day when you are free.  Do laundry on a certain day of the week. I do laundry on Friday or Saturday and have Sunday to myself and spend it with my family.  Your child/ children  can be involved in doing the laundry. It will save you time. After all, the house can’t just function around you. My daughter loves to help me load the washing machine, load and unload the dryer. Get the kids involved in folding their clothes and have them put it away in their drawers. It’s a good way to keep them organized and know where things go. I misplace things and my oldest twin reminds me where it should go. She’s more organized than me.  🙂

Also have their school clothes laid out the night before school so you’re not rushing in the morning finding something for them to wear. Have their backpacks ready by the door so they can grab it and go.  My girls organize their backpacks the night before school and take out what they don’t need, so we are not rushing getting out the door in the morning.  Once you have these plans and systems in place it will be easy to maintain.


2. Allow Your Children/ child to help if they are old enough

You will get a lot more done. I’m guilty of doing everything for my girls and my husband too😊. Their sweet voices come to you asking for this and that. You end up doing everything for them. This is a difficult habit to break. I like things done a certain way. I’ve learned to just let them help. Besides one person can’t do everything for everybody. It can be stressful for you. Some things to have your kids do are:

    •  Put their plate in the sink after eating,
    • Make snacks easily accessible for them to get, such as cut up fruit in containers in the refrigerator or having snacks in baggies that they can just grab.
    • Teach them to grab their own cups and where to get water to drink. I trained my girls to get water for themselves. It makes them feel like they are big girls without mommy and daddys help.
      • Put dirty clothes where they belong in the hamper instead of the floor. Remind your children/ child where things go if they forget. My girls like to leave clothes on the floor after they change.  I constantly have to remind them where dirty clothes go.
    • Have your child/children clean up toys after they are done playing. You can also help.  It will save a lot of time for you the next day.



3. Multitask

Women are born multitaskers. We’re the jack of all trades and wear many hats. We are taxi drivers, chefs, nurses, accountants, maids, referees, teachers and more.  When you’re cooking dinner throw a load of clothes in the washer. If you’re out for a walk, return a call that you missed. While you’re cooking dinner  help your child with homework. 

4. Having a routine

Having a routine is productive.  It can save you from stress and energy. We’re talking about having dinner at the same time every day, homework, bath, family time, and bedtime. Although this may be challenging if you are working outside of the home full time. Find a routine that works for you and your family.

I like to have a dinner menu for the week; it makes it easy for me. We usually order out 1-2 times a week, it gives me a break from cooking.  I cook enough food that will last the next day for lunch. That way I will only have to cook dinner.

Make a grocery list of what you’ll need so that you’ll have everything. If you’re like me I always forget something on my list. I like to do my grocery shopping in the mornings after my morning jog and before the store gets crowded. Pick a day that is convenient for you.

In my house homework is between 4:30-5:30, Dinner is between 5:45-6:30 , Bath time is 6:30- 7:30 pm. I give my twins a bath. My oldest can bathe herself. My wonderful husband washes the dishes. After the girls bathe we have family time. Family time can be anything. I’ll either read a story to my girls or we sit on the couch as a family and watch one of their favorite TV shows before bed time.

I like to organize things in the  house before I go to sleep.  Try to tidy up and pick up things from the floor.  With 3 girls it’s difficult. I feel organized if my house is tidy, that’s just me.


5. Taking care of yourself 

As a mommy we take care of everyone else first. It can be with work and household responsibilities, parenting, relationships,  it’s easy for us to put ourselves last on the list. It’s not only self- care but also physical and emotional health. When we’re tired or feeling sluggish we become less productive and time is wasted throughout the day. Try to get a good night’s sleep at least 7-8 hours is ideal. If you have an infant or toddler that’s keeping you up at night I have tips on my blog on how to start a healthy sleep schedule for your baby/toddler that you can read about. 

 Eating a healthy diet and being active for at least 30 minutes will help. Even just walking for at least 30 minutes is a good way to start. After I drop my girls off to school at 8:00AM I devote my time to exercise.  Depending on my time I do a quick jog for 30 min. or find workouts on YouTube.  You can also join a gym.  I feel so refreshed and energized after my work out that I’m ready to conquer the day. If that doesn’t work out you can do a simple workout in the morning before the kids wake up. Whatever you do just get moving, you’ll operate at your best and feel less stressed.

7. Turn off  notifications in your phone

Have you ever sat there on the couch and have done mindless scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed, Instagram, Twitter or watching videos on YouTube?  1 hr. goes by and you don’t realize it until you look at the clock?  I’m guilty of that! I’ve done it and just wasted my time when I can be doing something else. I could be washing the dishes even though I don’t want to or spending time with my girls so they don’t feel neglected. Social media can be addicting. Turn off the notifications in your phone. You will notice that you have more time in your day if you turn off this feature in your phone. You’ll  be more productive and accomplish more things.

8. Take care of errands online

Remember the days of writing out a check and mailing in a payment. Now most of this can be done online. You can pay for utility bills, car payments, cell phone, Insurance, credit cards and more. You can also do shopping online and have it delivered to your door. It’s so convenient and saves you time.

Being a mom and managing your time can be stressful and challenging but it can be done.  Just adopt new habits, make lists, organize, allow your children to help, I know they would love it, multitask, have a routine, take care of yourself, turn off notifications and take care of errands online. This will make your life easier. These are some strategies that I accomplish in my day.  I hope at least 1 or 2 of these time management tips for moms will be useful and helpful for you.


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