What To Expect With Fraternal Twins

What to Expect with Fraternal Twins


Do you know what to expect with fraternal twins? Our twins are fraternal and are 6 years old now. Whew time flies by!

I remember the day my husband and I and my daughter who was almost 2 years old at the time (we didn’t have a babysitter so she went with us everywhere) going to my first drs. Appointment after we had a positive pregnancy test.

The medical assistant brings me back and I get gowned up to get ready to hear the babies heartbeat. We were both excited and nervous at the same time.

The doctor walks in, greets us. She starts to put that cold gel on my belly.  We’re all looking at the TV monitor. She’s moving the wand around my belly and I see 2 round sacks ( I was thinking what is that) The doctor then tells us that there’s 2 babies and 2 heartbeats. She then moves the wand around my belly again and says “Congratulations you’re having twins”

At this point my husband and I were both shocked and we both said “no” and the doctor said “yes, look here are your babies and this is their heartbeats.”  “This is Twin A, and Twin B.”

I still remember the feeling I had that day. I was excited and in shock that I had 2 babies growing in my tummy.

Of course I was thinking how we were going to do it financially with 3 children. I was a stay at home mom. How am I going to survive taking care of twins and a toddler?

Let me tell you it’s not easy that’s for sure. This is what to expect with fraternal twins. Here we go:


It’s OK if they both cry at the same time. Get used to it because it’s going to happen. It’s good for their lung development anyway.  My twins cried at the same time a lot. If one started to cry the other one will start crying. To soothe them while I was getting bottles ready I gave them a pacifier and it calmed them for a couple minutes.


Get ready for a workout. I carried my twins at the same time a lot.  If I was carrying one baby the other one wants to be carried. I did a lot of sitting on the floor or sofa with both girls in my arms.  And if they’re both crying and no one else is around to help you’ll probably have to hold them both.  You will also have to carry both car seats in and out of the house or car. We’ll have toned arms. 


They look different; they act different and go through different stages at different times. My oldest twin started walking at 14 months while my youngest twin was 1 month behind. Don’t expect them to be the same. 

 Oh boy do they act different. When my oldest twin was a newborn she was very needy and needed more attention. She just cried a lot and eventually we got used to it.  We thought she was Colic but in fact, she wasn’t because she stopped crying when I held her and that’s what she wanted, to be held. It lasted until she was about 2-3 yrs. Old. Those were some tough times for me and my husband. But we got through it.

Now my youngest twin, she was very easy going and such a good baby. She was very easy to please.


Ok. If you’re going to buy something for one twin, buy one for the other. You will have to buy 2 swings or infant seats, 2 car seats, 2 sets of clothes, 2 toys, 2 sets of shoes, 2 high chairs etc.  Our place didn’t have a lot of room for 2 high chairs. The high chairs I used were space saver high chairs.  The booster straps easily  onto most dining room table chairs. It comes with multiple feeding trays and it has a sippy cup holder. You can also take the booster with you if you don’t want to use the dirty booster seats at restaurants. We did that a lot with my daughter.


When my twins were about 6 months old I was brave to take them to the mall. At this time my toddler was 3 years old and I needed to get her out of the house to play with other kids. I took them to the small playground area in the mall.

While I’m walking through the mall pushing my double stroller and holding my toddlers hand, I got a lot of stares, or passerby’s saying “oh look twins”. Or the question I get asked “Are they twins?” One lady at the mall told me that I was brave to come to the mall by myself.  I thought to myself ” yeah and so what!” And then there was a nice grandmother at the mall who had twin grandchildren reassuring me that it will get easier when they turn 4 and start going to preschool. She was absolutely right, when my twins turned 4 it was so much easier. So get ready for the comments, but don’t let it bother you. You’re blessed with beautiful children.


I averaged about 5 hours of sleep every night. I’ve never felt so exhausted in my life. I had to get up every 3 hours the first few months to feed the twins.  My husband had to sleep because he had to leave for work at 6:20 am to be in at 7 am.  By the time I fell back asleep 3 hours passed and it was time for another feeding. I didn’t take any naps either during the day. So imagine how exhausted I was. 

I also did exercise after my doctor gave me the okay. I wasn’t sleeping so mine as well go to the gym before the kids wake up.  After I fed the twins at 4 am my husband was home so I snuck away to the gym that our apartment complex provided for tenants.  I worked out for 1 hour until 6 am before my husband headed out the door to work.  What got me through the day and my workouts  was taking a pre-workout drink. This helps with mental focus and you can drink it anytime during the day to give you a boost of energy. You can even drink it in the mornings when you wake up. I gotta say this helped me through out the day.

As my girls got older we managed to follow a sleep schedule. My girls sleep 10 hours at night now that they’re in school and we follow this schedule on the weekends.

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